The celebration of the Melon Fair has its origins more recently. The first edition was in 1996 and is celebrated on the first Sunday in September.

The Fair as its name suggests has as protagonist the Melon, as it is a produce linked traditionally to the village and the roadside shops that cross the surrounding lanes around it.

It has an agricultural and farming use, all that is on offer is quite diverse. The most outstanding agricultural sales being the, melon, watermelon, red peppers, garlic,….. and the peculiarity of holding the competition for the largest Melon, that initially took place the night of the Festival of the Melon, and as from 2002 the competition for quality of the (Calapoter) variety of melon.

Free melon tasting can be found in various places on the Fair and an ample variety of animals and agricultural equipment. Expositions of local industry its produce and wears can been found and are available to buy.

As of a few years ago the evening Fair has been celebrated, focusing on examples and the sale of artisanal goods from local producers, a wide range of goods are on offer, from embroidery works to the repair of wicker chairs, there are also points of sale of local agricultural produce.

As a start to the evening’s festivities there is a street parade with lanterns made from the melons through the main streets,  in which both young and old participate, dressed in white shirts with a green scarf tied around the neck, as green is the representative colour of the municipality.